Why Meru

I believe! Life is a journey.  Life is a beautiful gift.  Life is our legacy. 

With me as your guide, I invite you to find your own life's hidden treasures and to live an abundant life--Emotionally, Spiritually, and Financially.

Through my own pains and gains of my personal, professional, and cultural experiences, I have discovered the True Meaning of Wealth and drawn a map that I followed to find my life's hidden treasures.

I developed a 7-step process (a roadmap) called the Wealth Accelerator Method℠ towards reaching the holistic Trinity of Abundance in life, which helped me to transform my life. Now I am taking action to share my lessons and roadmap with others to inspire a peaceful, joyful, and debt-free life.

Your Life's Hidden Treasure Roadmap
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What is Trinity of Abundance?

It consists of the connecting (or intertwining) of three important areas of our life:

Inner-self, Spirituality, and Finance.

Balancing the “Trinity of Abundance” is the true path to unlocking a rich and meaningful life, in all areas of your life.

Not only will we be learning a holistic approach to connecting the three important areas of our lives, but also how to maximize earnings without working harder, consciously spend without overpaying, and find hidden money to recover your investment through the 7-steps of “The Wealth Accelerator Method℠”, which is the roadmap to unlocking the hidden treasures in your life.

Trinity of Abundance

Here is why I love to help young individuals, couples, and business professionals:

  • I desire to mentor young individuals in hopes to help them avoid many mistakes in life due to inexperience.  I did start my adulthood very early as I became a mother at the age of 16.  I relate how hard it can be sometimes to make the right choices, and believe having the right support and guidance is very important.
  • I am passionate to mentor couples because I understand the challenges of relationships and money combined.  I was once an unsatisfied wife and now can share what it takes to own a satisfied married life with those who desire to make their relationship work despite the differences couples might have.
  • I love to help business professionals because in addition to life challenges there is a level of stress being a professional. I am a hustler myself, starting my first business at a very young age 20 years ago that helped me to build financial success.

Start transforming your relationship with your money!

 I strive to provide a one-of-a-kind experience and help you to find your own authentic and abundant life.  With my guidance, you will walk away with a solid strategic action plan for Emotional, Spiritual, and Financial prosperity.

This journey is not about finding faults, guilts, sadness, blame, or shame, but hidden treasures in life that bring you peace, joy, and the things that you desire for a debt-free life.


Contact me TODAY to discuss if we are the right fit to work together.

During the call, we can also discuss class schedule options and pricing.  Sponsorships and payment plans are available.

Here is how my program is different from other programs.  I am not tied to any organization that requires me to sell you anything. I only advocate for your success and teach you the skill sets that I have acquired professionally and personally, which helped me to be financially free.  My definition of financial freedom is doing this work because I want to, not because I have to.  I choose to teach others by sharing my experiences, skillsets & mindset about wealth.  I would love to make a difference.

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