The Simply Mon-E℠ Online Course

Take Steps To Transform Your Finances

An intro-level course is a great way to start planting seeds towards transforming your money transactions.  Take the confusion out of your money and have peace of mind around your finances even if it may seem impossible and complicated right now.

A debt-free life is awaiting you Emotionally, Spiritually, and Financially. You deserve it!

Simply Mon-E℠ Course Takeaways

The course is designed to help individuals to discover their mon-e-mentality, mon-e-habits to improve their mon-e-emotions, and mon-e-goals around their finances to eliminate fear and fight. Walk away from this course feeling confident with your finances and learn exactly how to plant the seed to transform your transactions and find all of your life's hidden treasures.

Simply Mon-E℠ Online Course provides a journey to find your hidden Y (Why)

  • Y ...not Kick Your Mon-E Fear and Fight out?
  • Y ... not Find Positive Mon-E Mentality?
  • Y ... not Reach Your Mon-E Goals?

You deserve all the MONEY!

Simply Mon-E℠ Course Includes

  • 7 Step Modules with Videos
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • VIP Facebook Group Available

Simply Mon-E℠ Course Bonuses ($3,445 value)

  • Opportunity to win an 8-week group program ($2997). You can submit the form to participate in the drawing.
  • The Wealth Accelerator Toolkit ($249).  i.e. The Instant Mon-E-Finder℠ & Hidden Mon-E Scavenger Hunt℠.  You will learn skills that will find you money and time over the years.
  • BONUS video ($199).  Guest Expert Training Included

Start Transforming Your Relationship with Your Money

 With Meru's mentoring your journey will be a one-of-a-kind experience.  She helps you to find your own authentic and abundant life by shifting your perspective.  This journey is not about finding faults, guilts, sadness, blame, or shame, but finding a debt-free life.  If you are looking to start a journey towards leading a debt-free life join Meru's course TODAY!


There is a risk-free 14-day guarantee: "If you do the work, and you're still not satisfied, show me your work within 14 days of purchasing the course, and I will gladly give you a refund."

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