College prep talk with college daughter


Episode #7 – College Prep Talk with College Daughter Parenting does not come with a manual but parents come from various backgrounds.  The common desire of parents for their kids’ to succeed, go to college and become great citizens of the world. Most importantly (like any skill) parenting skills improve over the years as their kids grow older and become adults. The high school years are challenging because children are growing into adulthood and communication at times is not the …

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Do you struggle with Growth Mindset?

growth mindset

Episode #6 – Do you struggle with Growth Mindset? Listen for Episode #6 here where I discuss re Growth Mindset.  “If you do not believe in yourself why should others believe in you?” is the question I ask myself when I struggle with a growth mindset. Growth mindset is hard work, we as individuals can gain a lot by deepening our understanding of growth-mindset concepts and the processes for putting them into practice. Challenges/processes may vary for everyone as dreams …

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Holiday season blues

holiday season blues

Episode #5 – Holiday season blues Do you struggle with sadness during the holidays? – Join me as discuss Holiday season blues, how I handle it and confess about being a Grinch. :). Sales marketing images of love and joy fill Stores, TV, Internet, and magazine pages, for many of us.  However, the reality of the holidays isn’t so cheerful for everyone and Holiday season blues are real. I would love to hear from you so email me as sharing …

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All about “Thank”

Episode #4 – All about “Thank” Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!  Do you know the history of Thanksgiving?  I am still learning so tune-in to The Meru Experience podcast to listen to a very short episode as I discuss All about “Thank”.  I learned 15 Thanksgiving Fun Facts that you will want to share on Turkey Day with your loved ones to keep the conversation going and enlighten all with the information they may not have known before. “What Are you thankful …

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Do you feel something is missing from your life?


Episode #3 – Do you feel something is missing from your life? Most of us, if not all of us feel something is missing from our lives and we live in this world with some level of discomfort whether it is being sick, emotional trauma, childhood experience, relationships, grief, etc. and in need of some form of healing. Join me as I learn and discuss “energy healing” topic with my guest Renu who is the owner of Renu Your Life …

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Everyone says I am busy, are you really?


Episode #2 – Everyone says I am BUSY, Are you really? Everyone says I am busy.  Do you notice?  When you ask someone “how are you?” – most of the time the answer is “busy” / “things have been really busy” / “I am so busy”.  Busy is a trend of the current age that is associated with being successful, possibly feeling of importance for some people and/or using it as an excuse to avoid someone or something – “outsourcing your …

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I am not Chinese nor Russian


The Meru Experience podcast is created to discuss the “Currency of Life” by a girl who looks Chinese with a Russian Accent, originally from Kazakhstan but currently living in America. Episode #1 – I am not Chinese nor Russian “Are you Chinese?” and/or “I hear a Russian accent, where are you from?” are the questions I get quite often.  Join me as I discuss where I am from and the challenge of which box to check.  Also, learn how to …

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