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Maximize your income with savings opportunities

Team National provide membership savings covering a variety of products and services in over 20 different industries in four areas: Group Buying Power, Factory Direct, Rebate Program and Business Services.  They provide a membership that helps individuals, families, and businesses cut their expenses by negotiating with name brand companies to lower prices and/or provide cash back which translates to thousands of dollars in savings every year.  Business owners are allowed to advertise on their online Business Exchange which creates more contacts to increase revenue.  Join Team National to start saving thousands of dollars annually for your small business and/or family purchases and save money daily on items you would normally purchase as one thing that tends NOT to change is our spending. We need insurance for the homes we live in and for cars we drive around and we need our daily necessities; list can go on and on…. and that continues throughout our lifetime.

Team National's Mission

We enrich families and businesses by providing vehicles for growth and everyday savings while unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit with honor, integrity and character.

Team National Savings Video

Team National Savings Video

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Why Team National?

  • Terrific Product to Share
    Our product is a membership savings program. Our members use what they want, when they want. Saving money is not a fad. Individuals, families, and businesses are always looking for ways to save money. 
  • A World-Class Company that Supports You as an Independent Marketing Director
    We provide our members with a variety of options to save money, and our IMDs with the opportunity to earn part-time or full-time income.
  • Timeless Distribution Model
    We share our membership with others through the person-to-person channel of distribution. We are a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). Compensation to IMDs is based on the retail sale of our membership to others.
  • Competitive Compensation Plan
    Our compensation plan rewards IMDs in a variety of ways when they share our membership savings program with others. There is no minimum product purchase requirement to participate in the product earnings program. Prospective IMDs can view our Income Earnings Disclosure for the average earnings.
  • Training Support Information
    We offer quality training support information to help our IMDs on their path to success. We have online audios and videos, along with, local and national training events. There is no requirement to purchase sales and/or business tools to succeed as an IMD.
  • We Care!
    We care about both our members and IMDs sharing our membership savings program. We support them, listen to and feel as if they are part of our extended family. We also support local and national charities to give back to the communities and the country we are so proud to live in and represent.
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