We focus on delivering various cost savings programs to improve your profitability and productivity.  Our team of business process consultants, engineers, intellectual property attorneys, expense auditors, and supply chain procurement specialist work seamlessly together to maximize your benefit.

Our team runs a multi-point expense analysis to identify improvements, overcharges and billing errors in key business expense areas such as healthcare benefits, credit card processing, gas and electric energy use, document management, parcel shipping, waste and recycling, wireless, worker's compensation premiums and more.

Our team of specialized tax specialists use proprietary software to identify local, state and federal tax incentives available for your company. On average, for a small to mid-size company, we are able to identify over $200,000 in specialized tax-based incentives.

Business expense reductions, additional revenue opportunities and specialized tax incentives we identify and recover on your behalf, require highly specialized expertise to maximize your benefit capture and to ensure any overcharges found are permanently removed.

Some expense reduction programs can be handled internally, however, unless you become an expert and manage the category spend closely from start to end, it will continue to be a challenge.  Some expense reduction, revenue gain, and specialized tax incentive programs require specialized expertise. For example, specialized tax incentives such as R&D tax credit are extremely technical and backed by myriads of case law. CPAs do not have the time nor the knowledge to investigate, determine, procure and defend specialized tax incentives.


NO PAYMENT until we save you money.

Our initial meeting is typically no more than 30 minutes. During this session, we will gather basic information about your company to determine which cost savings programs you may qualify for.  This can be done onsite, over the phone or via a web conference, whichever best accommodates your schedule.

After the initial interview, we will follow up to get additional detail based on the service benefit opportunity. As an example to determine how much revenue you could generate from paying your vendors virtually, we would just need a summary of your accounts payable spend sorted by supplier.  In 3-5 business days, we'll get back to you with an estimate of the rebates you could earn.

Not necessarily. If you are satisfied with the current level of service of your credit card merchant processor, cell phone or business insurance or other providers, continue with them. Use us to make sure you are not inadvertently being overcharged for any fees that don't apply to your business.

Our expert team will continue to act on your behalf to make sure your new business service provider is billing you only for fees or line items that apply to your business. We provide peace of mind, month in and month out, so that you can focus on running your business.


In our experience, 9 out of 10 companies can benefit from one or more of our services. Your savings level will depend on your situation and what our team determines when they evaluate selected areas of your business.

This depends on the service type.  Services that are recurring will continue to deliver savings as long as you are using those services.

Savings from recurring programs will be delivered on an ongoing basis, typically beginning within 3 weeks of our analysis of your business data and verification of benefit level.

Project savings are typically paid out within 30 days of confirmation of your total savings benefit and recovery from the underlying service provider or taxing authority.

Most suppliers recognize that what is good for the client is what matters. Trust but verify is great tool to implement.

Our services will free up your time on tactical management of spending while receiving an education from our subject matter expert through the process. For example, in the workers’ compensation program, it is virtually impossible for your agent to verify all the details involved in your premium calculations. Often, agents do not receive copies of your experience rating worksheets or your auditor worksheets to review their accuracy. In fact, after the insurance company’s annual audit is completed, agents send a letter to the client requesting that the client review the audit for accuracy. Without these documents, it is impossible to verify if you were charged the correct premiums.

Some account managers do a great job providing reports and finding savings opportunities. However, in many cases, they do not perform an in-depth analysis so you are not getting a holistic view of all the savings available to you.

We contract with the client and look out for the client’s best interest. If we find an error in the client’s favor, we will advise the client of the error(s), but will not request any corrections that are not to their benefit.

Privacy is the highest of importance to us. Some if not all programs have a confidentiality clause in our authorization agreements and will be happy to sign a separate non-disclosure agreement if needed.

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