Expense Reduction and Overcharge Recovery

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Energy Savings ~ Waste & Recycle ~ Credit Card ~ Wireless

Increase your business efficiency without changing how you do business. Our service experts review current contracts and service statements looking for opportunities to save you money.  These are managed services that afford you peace of mind knowing you're not overpaying while allowing you to focus on running your business.

If we find you are not being over-billed or overcharged in one of these areas, there is no charge for our assessment.

Employee Healthcare Benefits

Expense Reduction - Employee Healthcare Benefits Savings
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The Cost of Healthcare for employers and their employees, is growing at an unsustainable rate, rising faster than inflation, workers earnings, GDP, and profit margins.

Less than 30 years ago, family health coverage cost just $200 per month, now the cost to insure the same family is over $1,600 per month.  The average family health insurance premium now exceeds the average monthly mortgage payment.

We help organizations reduce the cost of their employees' health benefits by 12 to 25% and sometimes more, while also reducing out of pocket costs and increasing their quality of care without necessarily changing their broker or health plan provider. Find out more Healthcare Savings

Parcel / Shipping Review

Expense Reduction - Parcel / Shipping Audit Program
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Mistakes made by your parcel carriers are dollars lost from your bottom line. But the true mistake is in thinking those dollars are lost forever.

With our proven parcel reviewing and intelligence technology, we can offer you a no-risk, high-reward opportunity to recover these dollars. We help review and analyze your shipping processes to uncover opportunities to tap into your savings based on unfulfilled parcel company promises. Then we help prevent them from happening again.

Through parcel reviewing, intelligence and engineering, we enable you to recover the money you are owed and give you valuable data to streamline your shipping processes, engage in smarter parcel contract negotiations and reduce shipping costs even more. Data-driven decisions save you money and assist in parcel contract negotiations. Our parcel reviewing technology gives you the additional advantage of reviewing shipping spend levels along with UPS benchmarking, FedEx benchmarking and parcel contract negotiations.

Workers Compensation Review

Expense Reduction - Workers Compensation Audit
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Worker's compensation insurance is a major business expense. It is also incredibly complex. In most states, there are over 700 approved classification codes with interpretation of classifications varying from state to state. It is virtually impossible for a business to know all the rules and regulations governing these codes, often resulting in overcharges.

In our experience, 7 out of 10 companies have overpaid on their policies and may still be overpaying. This is true regardless of the agent, broker, agency and/or insurance carriers involved. Constant changes in the industry including rating bureau rules, regulation changes, policy changes and the application of incorrect rates. discounts, classifications, experience modification calculations, erroneous payroll and audits are beyond a typical agent's scope. Most business owners are not aware they have been overcharged until an independent review is conducted. What is generally not known is that overpayments can be recovered from previously issued policies. And unlike others that only review your current policy, we go back as far as seven years to recoup the greatest possible refund.

Copier / Printer Lease Review

Expense Reduction - Copier & Printer Lease Audits
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There are three primary areas of opportunity to save money on copier and printer leases regardless of expiration. Many of the techniques used within these areas require a deep knowledge of the copier industry and finesse in negotiations with the dealers. Our research shows that 97% of all leases have excessive costs and waste that erode profits and funds that could be put to better use.

We have a proven track record renegotiating bad contracts and creating "found money" with savings often seen within less than 45 days. It all starts with a free snapshot analysis and lease review report card that we develop using advanced analytics to minimize time and eliminate guesswork. We use this framework to help businesses of all sizes findmoney in their vendor contracts and services. Let us do the work while you reap the rewards: eliminate spending waste, increase work efficiency and redice paper document information risk.

Energy Savings - Utility Auctions

Expense Reduction - Energy Savings with Reverse Auctions
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Energy deregulation in the U.S. makes it possible to lower the cost of gas and electricity in many states from your supplier. Savings potential of up to 20% are possible through an easy enrollment process that has flexible terms, no switching fees and most importantly, no interruption of service. There are no maintenance or hidden fees. Delivery and maintenance will continue to be the responsibility of your local public utility.

Our reverse auction process lets you analyze past usage data to apply to guarantee you the best prices for your future gas and electric needs. This puts you in control, allowing you to set your terms through a real-time competitive bidding process that is more effective than conventional paper-based bids. Benefits of our reverse auction model for your business is 10-20% savings with pricing transparency.

Waste and Recycle Review

Expense Reduction - Waste & Recycling Audit
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Waste disposal is necessary. Everyone needs it. And there are many companies who overcharge for this service. You could be losing thousands of dollars on your waste disposal bill and not even know it.

We identify hidden overcharges and produce refunds, credits and cost reduction opportunities. With this service, we can eliminate needless costs in your waste disposal bill by analyzing your services and applying our expertise and knowledge of the industry. You will receive a clear and concise disposal bill assessment.

We know your waste outsourcing needs are unique and will deliver a thorough evaluation of your waste stream to create the best solution for your company. We also will contract the best companies for you along with partners for solid waste, medical waste and recycling to ensure that you are receiving the best price from those vendors. We also handle the entire contract process for you from start to finish. Most property managers and owners lack the time and expertise required to effectively audit these accounts, nor do they realize overcharges exist.

Credit Card Processing Fee Review

Expense Reduction - Credit Card Processing Fee Audit
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The payments industry is complex. Interchange fees are the largest component of your cost to accept credit card payments and are set by the payment card brands. These fees are the wholesale merchant account rates for the various types of credit card transactions. There are hundreds of interchange rates which vary based on payment card brand, payment card type (credit, debit, specialty, merchant category code, amount of the transaction being processed and the amount of data being passed through as the payment is processed. The schedule of Interchange Fees are reissued in April and October of each year.

We help you navigate the complexity and reduce payment processing expenses using our proven strategies to identify and correct areas of overspend on merchant services as well as provide transparency to merchant feeds and statements. We work on our behalf and provide ongoing analysis and monthly reports that ensure accurate billing and identify realized savings. And, you can stay with your existing merchant service provider. We create simple, efficient and economical merchant payment processing solutions through maximum transparency and measurable results.

Wireless Review

Expense Reduction - Wireless Audit
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While telecommunications and cell phone spend represents a relatively small spend level, it is important to only pay for the service levels you need. Carrier representatives are incented to grow their revenue and don't always provide you with the most cost effective solutions.

We specialize in lowering your phone bills based on assessing your usage pattern, applying our industry insights to save you typically between 25% - 33% on your phone services on an ongoing basis. Our experts have held positions with major wireless carriers working on pricing strategies. We understand and apply our industry knowledge to save you time by assessing your most recent phone bills and recommending the optimium plan to adopt for each phone and how much the changes will save your company. It also includes a detailed letter explaining the strategy.

After you review the recommendation, one of our auditors will have a brief discussion with you and then we will implement the changes on your behalf. Best of all, we will continue to monitor your bills each month to update you on usage, new plan options and potential savings opportunities.

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