Everyone says I am busy, are you really?


Episode #2 – Everyone says I am BUSY, Are you really?

Everyone says I am busy.  Do you notice?  When you ask someone “how are you?” – most of the time the answer is “busy” / “things have been really busy” / “I am so busy”. 

Busy is a trend of the current age that is associated with being successful, possibly feeling of importance for some people and/or using it as an excuse to avoid someone or something – “outsourcing your responsibility to your irresponsibility“. 

Join me and my guest Carla as we discuss the “Busyness”.  Carla is the owner of Calderas Counseling with values being the Balance, Respect, and Love.  Her values fit perfectly with my own journey that intrigued me to chat with her and get her tips for busy people.   

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The Meru Experience podcast is created to discuss the “Currency of Life”. 


Conclusion: Ask yourself “Am I the right kind of busy?


  • Being busy does not equate to being successful if you are involved in unproductive activities.  Busyness does not equal productivity.
  • Quality instead the quantity of your activities is more important.
  • Don’t let busyness lose connection with people in your life that are more meaningful. 
  • Be intentional to prosper Emotionally, Physically and Financially.

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