College prep talk with college daughter


Episode #7 – College Prep Talk with College Daughter

Parenting does not come with a manual but parents come from various backgrounds.  The common desire of parents for their kids’ to succeed, go to college and become great citizens of the world. Most importantly (like any skill) parenting skills improve over the years as their kids grow older and become adults.

The high school years are challenging because children are growing into adulthood and communication at times is not the best between parents and children. However, the situation can vary greatly for everyone.  Hormone battle at its best – you know what I am talking about?! i.e. “when kids think they know everything, roll their eyes, feel like parents are embarrassing them, don’t want to share about their happenings, etc.”

Thankfully, my daughter Tota is making me one proud and happy parent but it didn’t come to be straight perfection as it is a life.  We learned with our ups and downs together and now sharing some insights as I get a lot of questions from other parents about college, the architecture program & scholarship.  I have shared my daughter’s essays and interviewed her to get her perspective from her experiences and challenges on college prep and college experience.

I would love to hear from you as well so share your story about your student and college application experience as sharing gives hope.  We learn from each other, together we are stronger.  Here are some questions if it helps you to start the conversation. – “What challenges you faced with the college application process? Did your child end up loving the profession he/she chose? If you have younger kids, did this episode help you to help your situation?

My daughter Tota and me – high school graduation picture.  Tota’s portfolio – some of the projects she worked in the past and here is the link to listen for Episode #7

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