Eliminating Clutter is a Mindset

 It is not about getting rid of stuff but helping you to create a positive environment and extra cash. Our stuff surrounds us. On the coffee table, on the side tables, in our junk drawer, our clothes drawer, our closets, the kitchen, our garage, in the car, in storage – it even sounds overwhelming. When we have a lot of stuff, we must search for it – taking time searching around to find what we actually need (i.e When we …

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Why Keeping up with our Neighbors is Unhealthy

Imagine your life if you didn’t keep up with your Neighbors. Would you be worse off financially and emotionally? We all know the catchphrase – Keeping up with the Joneses. Almost all of us are guilty of doingit – watching what our neighbors and friends purchase cool stuff and feeling envy. We followthat envy by purchasing something similar, whether it be a new grill, new clothes, a new mobilephone, or even a new car. Sometimes we are competitive and purchase …

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The True Cost of Debt

Debt is deeper than just financial debt and it adds a huge financial stress in life. Understanding the true cost of debt can help to live a debt-free life. Credit card debt. College debt. Car loans. Mortgages. Debt is easily accessible for most people – maybe too easy – and after we spend too much money, we find ourselves in big trouble. The accumulation of debt seems to be part of the American way – the US currently has $980 …

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