About Meru Hunter McMahon

Wealth Accelerator Expert

Helping business owners and executives to improve the bottom line by lowering cost and gain time. Reducing cost is often overlooked because running a business takes a lot to sustain and/or grow it and being drawn in too many directions distracts from maximizing profit from the bottom as well as the top line.

"Finding hidden money is not my job, it is my passion.  I want to make a difference by partnering with you and building a long-lasting and trusted relationship for your success." - Meru

Benefits of Choosing Meru

  • Honest and knowledgeable cost reduction consultant with many good testimonials
  • Genuinely wants to help small businesses cut the cost so they can have more leverage to expand business in other areas.
  • Professional experience and caring personality create good vibes and a trustworthy environment to do business with.
  • She is not only going to help businesses save on expenses but also teaches businesses how to operate in a better way.
  • She believes if she helps enough business reach their goals, she will eventually reach hers.

Your Savings Pro BIG Promise

  • Reduce clients’ overall cost
  • Set effective and measurable goals
  • Achieve company financial goals
  • Long-term savings
  • Customer Service
  • Money-back guarantee

Proud to be featured

Also a Proud Volunteer Mentor


Eric Beylier

At TETRA. I have had the pleasure to recruit and to work with Meru for a couple of years. She is very energetic, motivated and bring solid analytical skills to the table. If you ask Meru to take ownership of a project. she will own it and run with it as far as goals & objectives can be reached. She has a very direct and honest communication style, which helps projects to be fact-based and results-driven. She can also manage… “Eric Beylier”

Eric Beylier, VP
Head of Global Supply Chain & Procurement
TETRA Technologies
Meru Hunter McMahon

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