Meru Hunter McMahon

My Personal Mission

Help business owners, executives and individuals improve their profitability and their overall financial fiscal health.

People work hard and most of our time is spent trying to make money in our businesses and personal lives. But what if you could reduce cost? Reducing cost is often overlooked because you are busy working on making your business and/or career successful and being drawn in too many directions.

Finding hidden money is not my job, it is my passion.  I want to make a difference by partnering with you and building a long lasting and trusted relationship for your success.

My Story

Besides being able to reduce cost for others as a career, I implement the same cost-saving strategies in my own life. My previous experience in the corporate world of Supply Chain Management allowed me to expand and develop my many skills in savings. But frugality is a skill I learned from my own mother and a skill I hope to pass down to my children. Although seen as a negative quality, my frugality combined with my professional skills has opened several opportunities for me, including quality time with my kids at home, financial independence to travel the world and most importantly to live a debt free life.

The traveling opportunities I was fortunate to have, shaped my perspective on the world. Meeting people from different backgrounds taught me that it is important to be open-minded. And even though we come from different backgrounds, our life experiences keep us connected. For this reason, I love what I do as it gives me the opportunity to meet and interact with many more amazing people.

Your Benefits of working with Your Savings Pro

  • Leveraging 10+ years of experience in Supply Chain Management in various roles and specifically working with someone who is very passionate about category management that targets cost reduction.
  • New approach and perspective to help you identify the right cost savings strategies, remove blind spots and obstacles.
  • Working with someone who understands your pain when it comes to managing categories who has done it all.  (i.e. analysis, negotiations, contract review, sourcing, change management).  Take advantage to create positive change to benefit you.
  • Gaining knowledge on how to build a solid business case with fact-based analysis which helps to achieve at least 10% savings in each category from the experience.
  • An additional resource to you to gain knowledge in all savings area offered which will help you to further improve your performance and add to your experience & knowledge base.  
  • Do NOT pay until you see results.  Use volunteered time to identify savings and only compensate based on identified savings.  
  • Teaming up with a high achiever who always takes the opportunity to be creative, always wanting to add significant value to any environment and make a difference.
  • Added solid value to your team to add professional achievements to your performance with minimal effort while you are concentrating on other important tasks/ projects.

My Personal Passion

Most importantly I love being a mother to my three children and very proud of their accomplishments.  My friends would describe me as persistent in anything I do.  I do enjoy:

  • Camping style vacations versus being in the city. Nature gives me a peaceful feeling and I love trees as they are all different like people.
  • Reading as well as watching various shows and movies with my husband.  Good stand-up comedy, documentaries and true events based movies are my top selection.
  • Country music even though I am originally from Kazakhstan, probably because I am now a Texan Y’all. I do, however, enjoy various types of music.
  • Leading a healthy lifestyle as best as I can but I admit to struggle like many people and fall off the wagon occasionally.
  • Joking around even though sometimes I tend to laugh at my own jokes.  Life is short and laughing is important.
  • Biking and participating in MS150 rides from Houston to Austin in the past.  I am not that athletic but I thought how hard can it be. Just keep pedaling, it is a mind game and for a good cause.

Meru Hunter McMahon, Cost Reduction Advisor


I worked with Meru in Chevron’s Global Procurement Strategic Sourcing group. Meru is a fast learner, very approachable, enthusiastic, and flexible during demanding projects. She demonstrated a high level of professionalism in her work and communication skills. She is focused on delivering results by meeting deadlines and would be a great asset to any company.

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