The Ultimate Balance

Go from Owing to Owning Your Life

  • Are you feeling out of balance in life? - too many sad days, bad days, mad days?!
  • Are you constantly looking for something better and/or more in life?
  • Are you feeling burned down and desire to redefine balance for yourself?

I totally get it. I have been there in the past myself and it can be frustrating, hopeless, and lonely. In addition, society's pressure, the current age of social media information overload and our own expectations cause us to feel cluttered inside and out causing imbalance. Too many people desire the ultimate balance in life but do not know how to reach it.

What if I share a secret with you on how to simply reach the ultimate balance for fulfilled life you desire?

Let me help you start living a balanced fulfilled life using my proprietary 3-Phase Transformation Process.

Who Meru Can Help?


Meru guides young to mid-age individuals' to navigate to find balance holistically, eliminating fear and fight in life, and setting the stage for a balanced fulfilled life.


Meru guides motivated married & dating couples to incorporate the habits of a balanced life into their relationship and how to communicate so they can live in fulfillment.

Business Professionals

Meru guides passionate business professionals to navigate life holistically in business and at home in order to lead a balanced fulfilled life all around.

Please explore the RESOURCES page!  Meru is passionate to share her knowledge and experiences to help others by providing some free resources.

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